Macao students studying abroad must take proper personal protective measures when they return to Macao by plane

  Due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the world, many Macao tertiary students studying abroad have been planning to fly back to Macao recently. The Higher Education Bureau reminds students that there is a certain risk in flying during the epidemic. Students must follow the guidelines of the Health Bureau on air travel and take personal preventive measures against epidemic to reduce the risk of infection.

  At present, the epidemic has spread widely in Europe and the United States. The Macao SAR government is deeply concerned about Macao tertiary students studying abroad. As many countries have announced the suspension of classes, the Higher Education Bureau reminds the affected Macao students to return to Macao under the condition of ensuring their own safety. Students should choose direct flights as much as possible, and take the policies and measures applied at the travel destination and stopovers into account when choosing a flight. Considering there is a certain risk in flying, students should bring enough protective equipment before departure. When waiting for boarding and taking a flight, it is also necessary to take preventive measures in accordance with the relevant guidelines of the Health Bureau at all times, such as wearing masks, keeping a good distance of at least 1 metre away from others and keeping hands clean. After returning to Macao, students should follow the anti-epidemic measures of the health authorities of Macao and declare their health condition truthfully.

  The Bureau also reminds Macao students staying abroad pay close attention to the development of the epidemic and various measures taken by the local government, including isolation, immigration and medical services. Meanwhile, they should pay attention to the physical condition of themselves and their roommates. If there is any discomfort, they should seek early medical advice. Avoid staying in crowded places, reduce going out, and pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene.

  To find out more relevant advice on air travel and on studying in the areas with widespread community transmission or high incidence of novel coronavirus infection, please refer to the “Special Webpage Against Epidemics” of the Health Bureau (