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The Higher Education Bureau Launches Online System to Collect Data on the Affected Students

  The Taiwan region announced today (10th) at around 2 pm that entry restrictions on Hong Kong and Macao residents will be imposed from 11th February. The Higher Education Bureau has immediately launched the emergency mechanism, and contacted the related departments to cope with this situation together. Meanwhile, at 7 pm tonight, an online system was launched. Higher education students who are affected should visit the Bureau’s website to register in order to facilitate the Bureau to make appropriate arrangements.

  With the assistance of the Civil Aviation Authority, the airlines concerned have been approached for coordinating the air ticket arrangements. Gratitude is extended to Air Macau and EVA Air for allowing affected students to make changes at no charge. At present, the Bureau is approaching another airline on the matter.

  Since higher education institutions in Taiwan region is starting classes in late February, the Bureau has been receiving requests for assistance from local students who study in Taiwan region, as well as their parents. In order to collect the data on the number of affected students, the Bureau launched an online registration system at 7 pm tonight. Students should visit the website of the Higher Education Bureau (www.dses.gov.mo) for registration, and fill in the information, namely the name of higher education institution, department, year of studies, basic contact information and original travel plan (time and flight). The Bureau calls on affected students to register at the above-mentioned system as soon as possible. For enquiries, please call 2834-5403 during office hours.

  The Bureau is keeping close attention to the situation and makes proper arrangements accordingly. In addition, the Bureau is keeping in close communication with the Association of Macau College Students in Taiwan, the Overseas College Students Service of Caritas Macau and Macao & Taiwan Youth Exchange Promotion Association.