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The SAR Government Expects Chengchi University in Taiwan to Implement Arrangements for Quarantine Accommodation of Macao Students

  The Taiwan region has implemented quarantine measures to Hong Kong and Macao residents who enter the region starting from 7th February. Since the news announced, the Higher Education Bureau has continually received requests for assistance from students studying in Chengchi University. They reflected that the university requires Macao students residing on campus to find accommodation outside the university, in order to undergo home isolation for 14 days. Thus, the Bureau has immediately launched the emergency mechanism, collected the number of affected students, and contacted the Macao Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan (DECM). The Bureau provided DECM a list of affected students to for follow-up.

  After the communication between Director Ho Weng Wai of DECM and the President of Chengchi University, the university responded that it will consider to provide a viable subsidy plan to Macao students, including assisting them to stay in hostels nearby the campus. The university will announce the specific arrangements later. At the same time, DECM also informed the Mainland Affairs Council in Taiwan about the situation. However, until today there has not been any positive response given.

  The Bureau will keep close communication with the Macao Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan, the Macau Overseas College Students Service and Macao & Taiwan Youth Exchange Promotion Association. In addition, the Bureau calls on Macao students, who are going to Taiwan region, to prepare sufficient masks and other necessary supplies in order to better carry out the epidemic prevention.

  In case of difficulties, Macao higher education students studying in Taiwan region can approach the Higher Education Bureau [Contact no. during office hours: (853) 2834-5403], or the Macao Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan [Contact no. during office hours: (02)8101-1056; 24-hour emergency hotline: 0978-220-032]