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4 Institutions Will Announce Arrangement of the “Joint Admission Examination for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions” by Late February

  In response to the continuous outbreak of the novel coronavirus, and for protecting the safety of the candidates, the Higher Education Bureau, University of Macau, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao Institute for Tourism Studies and Macau University of Science and Technology have reached a decision that, depending on the development of the epidemic, the possibility of postponing the examination date of the“Joint Admission Examination for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions”will not be ruled out. The relevant arrangement will be announced by late February this year. In addition, with regard to other entrance exams to be held in Macao, the Bureau will keep communicating with the organizing entities concerned. It is known that arrangements of the relevant exams will be announced after the situation is examined.

  The Bureau will stay in close communication with the entities and institutions concerned, monitor the situation of the epidemic, make proper preparation and issue latest announcement promptly. All candidates, parents and secondary schools are recommended to pay attention to the announcement from the Bureau, the entities and the institutions.