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New Issue of Macao Higher Education Magazine – International Edition is Published

  The new issue of the Macao Higher Education Magazine - International Edition has been published. Interested parties can obtain the magazines in specific government departments, public libraries, higher education institutions etc. or access the website of the Tertiary Education Services Office (GAES) to view or download the magazine.

  The content of the Macao Higher Education Magazine – International Edition is comprehensive and diversified, comprising the discussion of relevant issues on higher education, overview of characteristic academic departments in local higher education institutions, sharing of students’ learning experiences, introduction of higher education students’ activities, information for further education, and the display of individual creations etc.

  In the latest issue, the Magazine features the advantages of Macao’s higher education institutions in the context of supporting the Belt and Road construction. Five of the institutions have introduced their characteristics and future plans which help promote the implementation of this significance national policy. We hope our readers and the higher education sector can learn more about talent cultivation through education and how the institutions seek greater development with this opportunity. The Magazine also has interviewed President of the Institute of European Studies of Macau, José Luis de Sales Marques, that give the readers a more comprehensive picture about the cooperation between the higher education sectors of Macao and the European counties.

  In addition, in the Rector’s Forum session, vice rector of City University of Macau, Professor Kong Fanqing and vice rector of University of Macau, Professor Lionel Ni share with the readers about the development of the universities and their point of views on talent cultivation. Students from all over the world have also taken this opportunity to send their warmest New Year blessings to the readers.

  Magazine copies will be given out at GAES, Centre for Higher Education Students, Public Information Centre, Government Service Centre, public libraries, Macao’s higher education institutions, Plaza Cultural Macau, Starlight Bookstore etc. Interested parties can also browse the website of GAES (http://www.gaes.gov.mo/eng/publish) to view or download the new or previous issues for both the Chinese and International Edition of the Macao Higher Education Magazine.