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The usage of the old campus of UM is now under re-planning and the lending and renting of dormitory is for temporarily only

  In addressing to the issue of lacking of dormitories of some local tertiary educational institutions, leading students have to face the difficulties of renting a place in the market and the issue of continuous rising of rental, the Macao SAR Government has decided to implement a one year temporarily measure of lending and renting dormitories of the old campus of the University of Macau (UM) to those needed territory educational institutions.

  As to the planning of the future usage of the old campus, the SAR Government has decided earlier that the site will continuously mainly be used in the area of tertiary education. The SAR Government is now reviewing different factors such as the direction of development of those related tertiary educational institutions, their scale and the need of development of the society in planning the usage of the old UM campus. The preliminary plan is to address the needs of development of territory educational institutions so as to achieve the effect of sharing recourses and allocating all recourses to the best use.

  Considering the idea that after UM moved to its new campus in the Hengqin Island, its buildings of dormitory are vacated and in addressing to the pressing needs of dormitory of some territory educational institutions, after deliberation with those related departments, the SAR Government has decided to implement temporarily measure in the usage of those old UM dormitories. The Macau Polytechnic Institute and the Institute for Tourism Studies, the two public educational institutions, are assigned three buildings of the old UM student dormitories. The Macau University of Science and Technology is also arranged to rent some of the dormitories, but is required to move out after the new building of its new dormitory is completed.

  As the above mentioned measure of the usage of those buildings of UM old dormitory is temporarily, it will not affect the overall planning of the usage of the old UM campus.